Magic garden

The museum’s magic garden opens on 5 July 2024

Stevns Folklore Museum is proud to present the Magic Garden – a unique project supported by the Nordea Fund with 300,000 DKK. The garden is created to offer a magical experience for everyone in Store Heddinge. The official opening will take place on July 5th from 11:00 to 14:00, which also marks the museum’s 3rd anniversary.

About the Magic Garden

The Magic Garden is the result of a collaboration with Charlotte Mannstædt and Annette Nielsen, who have added magical storytelling elements such as a hut and a storytelling circle. The garden transforms the museum’s small backyard into a lush green oasis in the heart of Store Heddinge. Visitors can enjoy a koi pond, grassy hills, roses, paths, huts, plants, and a cozy terrace.

The garden is created as a place for meditation and reflection, while also providing the town’s children with an opportunity to play, invent stories, and enjoy nature. Great emphasis has been placed on the use of recycled materials as well as environmentally friendly, robust, and durable materials in the construction work.

Opening Party – Friday, July 5th

Program for the Day:

11:00 AM: Opening ceremony with a speech and red ribbon cutting by Julie Hoff Sørensen, Municipal Board Member for Children, Youth, and Learning.

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM: Free cake and drinks for all guests.

2:00 PM: Fantastic storytelling show with Kalkcirklen, a local storyteller group. Tickets can be purchased online, and there is a limited number of seats, so be sure to get your tickets quickly.

After the opening day, the garden will be open daily from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and it is free to visit. Children must be accompanied by adults, and visits are at the guests’ own responsibility.

Visit the Magic Garden

Stevns Folklore Museum looks forward to welcoming everyone to the Magic Garden and creating an unforgettable experience for everyone in Store Heddinge.