Groups and schools

Group and school visits

School groups

At Stevns Folklore Museum, we can offer schoolchildren a journey into the world of folklore, teaching about fairy tales, myths, legends and legends. An exciting universe where you can let your imagination fill your hearts. Teaching can be in Danish and English.

Legend with all the senses

At the museum, there is an opportunity to see, feel and sense selected legends from Stevns. In the viewing boxes you can look in and experience scenes from a number of our favorite legends from Stevns. You can also experience the bog woman’s brew, the golden horseshoe from the King’s Tomb or get an insight into the Cliff King’s two residences – his cave in Stevns Klint or the chamber in St. Catherine’s Church. The feeling boxes in the corner let you stick your hand directly into the secrets of the fairy tales and feel selected objects that relate to the stories.

Depending on the age group, we can offer activities, tasks or workshops where children can hear about legends, go to a recording and be creative.

Contact us to hear more.

Group visits

At Stevns Folklore Museum, we can offer groups from 5 – 20 people an exciting visit to the museum, which could be, for example, a meeting, conference, birthday, etc. You can choose the date of the visit yourself (also outside normal opening hours) and have the following options:

Lectures/ Guided tours

Coffee/Tea/Cake at the museum or in the garden

Projector and screen, free WIFI

Prices from DKK 50. per person. Contact us to hear more.