General meeting

General Association Meeting

17 November 2021 at 17.00

Stevns Folklore Association, the organisation responsible for Stevns Folklore Museum, is having its annual general meeting on Wednesday 17 November.

There you can meet the board of directors, hear about how everything has gone at the museum since it opened this summer and ask all sorts of questions.
There will be coffee and cake and after the meeting you’ll be able to see a film about the 1st year of Stevns Folklore Museum.

General meeting agenda:
1. Choice of secretary
2. Suggestion to move the general meeting to the spring
3. Report from the board of advisors
4. Report from museum manager
5. Presentation of audited accounts
6. Determination of membership fee
7. Incoming proposals for the association’s activities from the board
8. Approval of budget
9. Choice of board members and deputies
10. Choice of auditor
11. Incoming proposals
12. Other order of business

Proposals that are to be considered at the general meeting must be sent to the chairwoman Aleksandra Olsen: