Activities October

Fun autumn activities

You can experience some exciting and fun activities during the autumn holidays. Younger visitors can also take part in treasure hunts inside the exhibition and win small prizes.

17-19 October 2021 11.00 – 15.00

Treasure hunt in the museum’s magic garden 

Experience Stevns Folklore Museum’s magical garden:

  • Find spooky creatures in the garden and learn their stories
  • Buy a treasure map for 10 kr., solve tasks and win fun prizes

18 October 2021 14.00 – 15.00

Magic, tricks and storytelling with Erik Jensby

Magic and storytelling with Erik Jensby where the audience is magically led through tricks with accompanying stories.

Admission costs 50kr. and can be purchased on the day or online. The ticket can be used for the museum’s exhibition during the day.

19 October 2021 19.00 – 20.30

Songs, stories and senses with Lise Søelund

It is always a party when the harvest is in the house, but in the old days it was at the same time decisive for one’s survival, whether the harvest struck or failed, and everything else that was in the house in the form of sausages, pork and others foods should like to last the winter.

When you reached the candle mass, which signaled that half of the winter had passed, there should therefore be half of the sausages and other things left in the cask cage, that is, if you were not to go to bed hungry, and all that we hear and sing about our little museum harvest party.

In addition, we must have all the senses in mind when we have to understand, sense and imagine the legends that have unfolded at Stevns, and this is conveyed on the basis of the historian of ideas Lise Søelund’s book Pen, pensel and pennestrøg, as she explains the philosophical, biographical and mythical conditions that characterize Stevns. Come and sing along, listen to scary, enjoyable and whimsical events from the Stevns historical treasure and enjoy the coffee and the good company at the museum.

Admission costs 50kr. and tickets can be purchased on the day or online.